Things To Do During Spring Break


Lille Udy, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Spring Break is right around the corner and that means a whole week without school. You want to make the most out of it and have as much fun as you can. There is a lot you can do. Most people travel and go somewhere new, but this year it may be difficult with all that is going on in the world right now. Here are some ideas of things in Utah to do during this long, warm break.

If you want to stay in Utah, but still feel like you are going out of the Salt Lake area, St George and Moab are perfect ideas.

“I am camping at Moab and doing off-roading and rock climbing,” senior, Aubree Pace, said.

Moab and St George are fun ways to spend your break outdoors and in the sun. They are still in Utah and just a short drive away.

“I am going down to Saint George for some canyoneering and biking,” junior, Andrew Evans, said.

Saint George seems like it is the hotspot for Northern Utah spring break, but here are some other options if you just want to be at home.  

Utah accommodates a lot of different types of people. There are lots of places to hike, but if you are not into outdoor activities there are a lot of tasty food places, shopping, and so forth. If you want a fun day trip, Park City is the place to go. It makes for a fun day trip and there is lots to do around there. It is even just exciting to walk around.

“I am going with a bunch of friends to go do the Alpine Slides in Park City,” senior, Kenndi Johnson, said.

Even if you’re not going anywhere this spring break, there is lots to do in Utah that doesn’t require buying an expensive plane ticket. Get together with some friends that are staying in town and plan a fun Utah day trip / weekend getaway.