Student Directing Behind the Scenes


Ashlyn Monroe, Student Life Reporter

Farmington High Schools theater department is currently running their student-directed shows. At the end of each school year, the students have the opportunity to select and direct their own shows.

Directing is giving the students opportunities to grow their skills and learn what they might be interested in in the future.

“I think students should be more invested in the directing process, it gives them great opportunities to figure out if they like it or not,” junior, Bell Brady, said.

Theater has a lot of opportunities off stage that many people don’t realize. Directing might be the most obvious in this case, but it also gives students the chance to see how they like casting, set design, tech, and, of course, acting. 

“Directing and acting goes hand-in-hand. You learn more about acting while watching others act and when you can direct someone else, you can apply it to yourself,”  junior, Marrissa Siffre, said.

These shows are giving students the opportunity to grow their own and each other’s skills together, though it isn’t always easy.

“It’s a lot harder to keep people on task and convey the story you’re looking for than you’d think. It’s given me a lot of respect for directors,” Brady said.

Bringing a story to life with so many intricate pieces is no easy task, and student directing has shown just how difficult, but rewarding, it can be. The students in our theater department have worked hard to bring their visions to life, learning a lot along the way.