Fiiz or Swig


Abbie Painter, Student Life Reporter

It’s come to light on social media that Utah is very unique for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons being the mass amounts of flavored soda shops that cover the state.

In Davis County, the most common are Swig and Fiiz. People outside of Utah would argue that it is all the same soda with creamer and flavor shots, but Utahns all seem to have a preference as to where they get their bubbly drinks.

I decided to ask Farmington High students which they prefer, Fiiz or Swig and why?

“Fiiz because my parents own Fiiz, and I grew up on it. I’ve also been working there for three years, so I feel like I’ve drunk enough of it at this point that Swig just wouldn’t taste good to me,” junior, Bella Anderson, said.

Owning one of these soda shops would be a dream. Unlimited Fiiz would be something that most high school students would jump at the opportunity to have.

“I would usually say Fiiz because we know the people who own and created it, but honestly, I would say that I like Swig better,” junior, Aubrey Powell, said.

It seems like a lot of people have some personal connection to one or another.

“I like Fiiz better because I like their flavored water,” junior, Ellie Tandy, said.

Both companies have so many different things to offer, and whatever it is that they are doing is working because the lines at both of these places are always a mile long.

Whether it’s Fiiz or Swig, the students of Farmington High love their soda.