Spring Weather

Spring Weather

Kaden DuPaix, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Many people across Utah hate the weather changes in spring. In the spring, it can go from being 75 to 25 degrees in less than 24 hours. It makes it so hard when one day you are wearing shorts and then the next day you are wearing pants and five jackets. At the beginning of winter we want snow everyday but for some reason we get snow at the end of April. I recently asked Farmington High Students for some of their thoughts about spring weather.

 “I hate the snow, especially when it comes on a Monday. I also hate the school parking lot during snowstorms. It is so dangerous because people are driving like it’s a normal day,” junior, Brookie Jacks, said.

Farmington High’s parking lot is already scary on a normal sunny day, but when you add snow it becomes 100 times worse. People pull out in front of each other, they drive 50 plus mph, and many people slam on their brakes during this time. The only times I’ve seen car wrecks in the parking lot is during snow storms.

 “The worst is waking up in the morning and going outside and your car being freezing. It’s probably one of the worst feelings in the world. Especially when your car doesn’t get warm till you arrive at school,” sophomore, Lexi Crowley, said.

Overnight in the spring, the temperature can drop to below 20 degrees, and when you wake up in the morning your car is also that temperature, which is not good. Cleaning the frost off your windshield can take over 15 minutes and by the time you get into your car to leave, your car is still freezing. It is miserable. Spring weather is just always terrible unless it’s 75 degrees.