Supreme of Golf?


Alexander Gray, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Supreme and Golf are arguably two of the most popular designer brands. If you walk down the street, chances are you will see someone wearing one of the two brands. While they are both extremely popular, they cannot be the same. In 2020, Supreme brought in a whopping 127 million dollars in sales. That is a disgusting amount of money. In 2020, Golf brought in 3.1 billion dollars, that is still so much money, It blows Supreme out of the water.

Students here at FHS have worn and seen both brands. Here are their opinions on which is best.

“Supreme clothes are amazing. Although they are overpriced, it is worth it,” sophomore, Marcus Miles, said.

Supreme clothes are more popular than Golf. That is a known fact.

“I will wear both of the brands for sure. I do think Golf is better, though. Golf has way better shoes and the overall quality of their brand is better. Although it is very expensive, it is still worth it,” sophomore, Landon Packer, said.

Golf shoes are very expensive but according to a lot of people they are worth the money.

“Supreme sucks! The WHOLE brand is way overpriced and is not worth the money at all! Why would you buy something so expensive that you can just buy from another brand for cheaper? I do not see the appeal at all. STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY,” senior, Lucy Orison, said.

Overall, there is a lot of consideration that goes into which brand is better. It depends on how much money you want to spend, and what you think looks better. There are also a lot of brands other than Supreme and Golf  that are probably just as good.