FHS Art Program


Kaden DuPaix, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

The art show is one of the biggest weeks for the art program here at Farmington High. The last couple years our art program has been getting better and better.  But During the 2020 covid shutdown the program really struggled. As for all new programs at Farmington High School.

 “Our art program is great I have really enjoyed it. I also like how challenging it is. My teacher Mrs hartman is one of the best art teachers I have ever had,” sophomore Jacob Kelly Said. 

Art is a fun class for everyone and here at Farmington high we have so many different art classes to choose from. And some really awesome Art teachers. Art is fun for some people but other people might say it’s hard and they don’t want to try it but we have beginners all the way to advanced art that no matter who you are you will enjoy some type of art class here at FHS.

“I’ve really enjoyed the class here at FHS, I have had a lot of friends in the class.  I have learned a lot about art and I have really liked my teacher Mrs Hartman. Yes I would definitely recommend people to take art While you are a student here at Farmington High School it is so much better than the previous art classes that I took in jr high,” sophomore Sarah Walters said.

 I talked to over 20 people here at FHS about our art program and not one person told me a single bad thing about which means students across the school have also really enjoyed our art Program here at FHS. Talk to your counselor about which art class might be a good fit for you.