Conspiracies with Saph- Hershey’s Pyramid Scheme


Sapphira Smith, Conspiracy Reporter

What are the odds that you turn over the candy bar you’re holding right now, and on the bottom, in tiny letters, you see the name, ‘Hershey’s.’

Chocolate owns the world. You have to look very hard to find someone who legitimately doesn’t like any kind of chocolate. There’s science that literally proves that you can become addicted to chocolate. Hershey’s took advantage of this sensational product and basically created the industry.

Hershey’s was started in 1894 and has been a big deal since It is a business that has never been in danger of going bankrupt, because if there’s one thing the people love more then money, it’s chocolate.

Because of its huge impact on the world, Hershey’s have had to expand so they can make different kinds of chocolate that appeal to every person, on every continent. This ended up in them owning almost every kind of chocolate there is. 

“Honestly I never really thought about how many different kinds of Hershey’s candy there are. I guess it’s possible that they’re trying to take over the world with chocolate,” junior Rylan Beck, said. 

“When I think of chocolate, I don’t really think of a whole pyramid scheme. I also didn’t know that they owned like ice cream companies and stuff. I mean none of this is really basic information that people just know, so if they are trying to take over the world, they’re doing a good job,” junior, Quinn Odnoha, said. 

Overall, watch out for Hershey’s. Look on the bottom of every chocolate bar you eat, it’s there. Every penny you spend on their chocolate, is another cent they can put towards changing out the oceans water with hershey’s chocolate syrup.