Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Halls

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Halls

Charli Merrill, Student Life Reporter

Getting to know our teachers here at Farmington High is important because it helps us relate to them more than we normally would, and can help create an understanding and appreciation for our staff.

Mr. Halls got his associates degree from Weber State University and his bachelors at U of U. Out of college he worked in finance, dealing with mortgages and stocks. He did this for 15 years, but It wasn’t what he wanted to be doing for his career. Halls then got his Masters degree in teaching at Western Governors, an online college.

Halls has always loved history and learning about stories and where we come from. He teaches world history and AP european history. Halls has been teaching for 5 years and has worked at FHS for 4. 

“There are so many things about Farmington I like. We have the best staff out of any school like our teachers, counselors, officers, admin,” history teacher, Mr. Halls said. 

Mr. Halls has a wife and 2 daughters that are 9 and 6 years old, and a yellow lab named Rusty. Outside of school, he enjoys hiking, road trips, yardwork, and construction projects.

His favorite trip he has taken was to British Columbia. Next July, he is going on an 11-day trip to Ireland, England, and Scotland. The trip was set up through EF Tours and it is for students as well. More information here. 

Something students might not know about Mr. Halls is that he loves writing. He writes short stories and even published a book, which was later unpublished because he wasn’t going to continue the series. However, he is currently working on another book/series.

A message Mr. Halls would like to pass on: “It’s Important to be kind to everybody, but most important to be kind to yourself.”