Fun In Farmington: Winter Activites


Charli Merrill, Student Life Reporter

Though Utah winters are frigid, the cold season offers opportunity for new adventures. The Wasatch Front is home to many entertaining ventures to keep you busy on the weekends.  

First, there are plenty of skating rinks nearby, but if you are looking for something new, the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City offers rooftop skating for only 12 dollars per person. They have overhead lights in the nighttime for a colorful skating scene. 

If you are willing to drive a bit further, Park City offers so many winter excursions, such as snow tubing, snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, and even sleigh rides. These tend to be more pricey than the other activities, but they are definitely worth your money. 

If you want to stay more local, there are numerous sledding hills around Farmington. Many people go sledding on the hill near the east side of the school right near the overpass. Another place is right near Cherry Hill, barely down the street from the Somerset neighborhood. You’ll obviously have to have your own sleds, but this is a great cost effective option. 

Since the wintertime weather is so unpredictable, it might be a smart idea to plan some indoor activities. Salt Lake City has a myriad of museums to explore. Some of the most popular include the Natural History Museum, the Clark Planetarium, and the Leonardo. Ticket pricing for each of these museums is between $9-$15. 

Lastly, spending the day at an arcade is a great way to pass time. Most arcades like Boondocks also have bowling, mini golf, laser tag, and more. Boondocks has many different ticket options, the most expensive being $35.