Students’ Opinion on Cheating


Sariah Rodriguez de Almeida, Student Life Editor

In 2017 Rutgers university located in new jersey did a survey of high school students

and found that 64% of high school students admitted to have cheated on a test, 58% admitted to to some type of plagiarism, and 95%  said they participated in some form of cheating, whether it was on a test, plagiarism or copying homework. ABC also conducted research and found that 1 in 8 students say that most kids in their school cheat regularly, especially those at a high school level. These studies caused curiosity and inspiration to conduct research through anonymous polls on social medias to get a more accurate reading to how much of a problem cheating is for students today in Farmington, Utah and the results were shocking.

The surveys conducted included three generic yes or no questions. First we asked “Do you think cheating is ok?” The student body answered this with 21% saying yes and 79% saying no. The next question was “Have you ever cheated/plagiarized?” the students responded 55% saying yes and 45% no. The last question provided was “Do you think most people in your school cheat?” This poll was by far the most shocking with 77% yes and 23% no.

Cheating is a lot bigger of a deal than many students are willing to let on. Creating a habit of cheating or plagiarizing, whether it’s on an assignment or a test, can carry major consequences into lives. In college, if someone gets caught cheating, the consequences can range from simply failing the class the cheating takes place in or for, getting suspended or expelled, or even having to deal with legal actions taken from those with copyrighted work that has been plagiarized.

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