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Movie Review- Damsel

Movie Review- Damsel

On March 8th, 2024, Netflix released “Damsel” starring Millie Bobby Brown. This is not Brown’s debut to the Netflix cinema. The star has also been in the smashing “Stranger Things” series as well as the “Enola Holmes” franchise for Netflix.  

“Damsel” is a movie with a deeply woven theme of family, bravery, and forgiveness.  

Millie Bobby Brown plays a princess named Elodie who must marry a prince to save her own dying kingdom.  

After her wedding to the prince, Elodie is thrown into a dragon’s lair as a sacrifice. Elodie must battle and escape the vicious dragon. Later Elodie must also save her younger sister from the Dragon, showing her bravery and devotion to her family in doing so.  

In the end, lies are uncovered, and the dragon is a misunderstood creature tricked by the island’s royal family.  

Elodie forgives and heals the dragon of its wounds. The dragon and Elodie reign revenge on the royal family that had lied and harmed them both.  

The movie has amazing scenery and cinematography.  

All the characters were decked out in medieval times outfits. The workmanship and colors of the outfits were wonderful and contributed to the story’s authenticity greatly.  

Additionally, the movie is a fairytale. However, the movie is not like most fairy tales we know. In “Damsel” audiences observe as the princess survives and succeeds by her own doing.  

It is quite a twist in the plot when the prince, a character we traditionally and stereotypically expect to save the princess and play hero, is exactly the character that betrays the princess. This plot twist is a refreshing and motivating modern spin on this fairytale.  

Furthermore, the soundtrack of the film is spectacular. The scenes within “Damsel” are suspenseful and heightened by the music incorporated. David Fleming produced miraculous music for the film.  

As of now “Damsel” has received an online rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 and is ranked #2 movies overall on Netflix.  

“Damsel” is a story of adventure, one that audiences must view for themselves.  

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