First Term Review


Lexi Day, Reporter

The last day of first term is finally here, and now is the time to review how the term went. Students are looking at their year view on Summit, and counting the number of green, or red, projects and power focus areas. Many students are thinking about how much better they could’ve done this term, while others are celebrating how well their first term went.

The first term of school is always an adjustment. Going from the carefree, school-free summer to the heavy demands of school is hard and may take a while to get used to. Sometimes this results in students not wanting to come to school, or not doing well in their classes. For students that are here at Farmington High for their first year, Summit may have taken some getting used to. That adds to the stress and worry of the term.

Some of the first year Farmington High students have spent most of the term learning how to use the new Summit program, but have managed to do well this term.“I feel like I did pretty good; it was my first time using Summit,” said Farmington Sophomore, Kate Bowers.

Despite the setback of the new program, she was still able to work hard and feel good about the term. But there were still some things she would have liked to do better. “I wish I was constantly doing content assessments,” Bowers said.

I’m sure everyone feels that way, but probably there were very few people that actually did that. So don’t feel too bad, Kate. You’re not the only one wishing you’d done more content assessments.

Hopefully your first term of the 2019-2020 school year went well. And even if it didn’t, maybe it’ll give you motivation to have a better second, third, and fourth term.