Journalism Teaches Students Many Different Skills


Lexi Day, Reporter

Journalism is one of the many classes offered here at Farmington High. This is a year long class that gives elective credit. There are different parts of the class such as: writing, broadcasting, editing, and filming.

When you first come into the class, you learn a little bit about what you’ll be doing. You talk about both the broadcasting and the writing side of the class. Next, you decide which side you want to be on. You can choose to do both, or you can stick to one or the other.

One of the more vital parts of the journalism class is the managing editor. The managing editor this year is Clayre Scott. She edits stories on the writing side, and manages the broadcasting side.

“I edit every story before it is posted to the website as well as read through scripts for broadcast packages and the weekly broadcast,” Managing editor, Clayre Scott, said.

That sounds like a lot of work, but what are the positive sides of this job?

“My favorite part of this job is being able to read all of the awesome stories submitted to our website and get to know everyone’s different writing styles,” Scott said.

Another important job in the class is writing. There are eight students in the class that almost exclusively write stories. One of these students is junior, Mayli Winter. She generally writes about one story per week.

“I write articles for the Nix News website. I have to come up with ideas to write about and I interview people for quotes for those articles,” Nix News writer, Mayli Winter, said.

Maybe that sounds a little less stressful, and there are still things to enjoy.

“I like interviewing people for quotes, because I get to learn more about people in this school and how different everyone’s opinions are,” Winter said.

If Journalism is a class that you think you would enjoy, consider switching into it for second semester. It’s a really fun class, and it really helps to improve in different areas–whether it’s writing, or filming or anything else. Even if you’re not interested in going into a career of journalism, this class could always be a good one to take.