School Dances At Farmington High

Sophie McGowen, Reporter

School sponsored dances are one of the most memorable parts of High school. Last year students at Farmington could attend four dances: Homecoming, Winters Dance, Sweethearts, and prom! The dances alternate between girls choice and boys choice. This ensures that everyone is given the opportunity to attend a dance. In the 2019-2020 school year Student Body officers have switched the dances. This year we will have a homecoming dance, a fall ball, a sweethearts decade dance, and prom.

Every school has unique dances. They play a huge role in students lives. Most students will always remember their first homecoming and their last prom! The dances are a fun way to encourage students throughout the school year. You will always have a dance to look forward to throughout the year. It is a fun way to party with your classmates between all of the work you are doing in school. 

“I am so excited for fall ball! Its a nice break from the stress of school work. I love dressing up and doing something with all of my friends and all of the kids at Farmington,” Junior, Abby Smith, said. 

The administration feels like since the students at Farmington work hard so they deserve to have dances. It is a lot of work for officers and administration to put the dances together so its important to appreciate everything that goes into putting dances together. Dances are a fun privilege and as the next dance approaches students should take the time to appreciate previous ones. Two dances are left this year at Farmington High. The next one, sweethearts, will be on February 22nd. With seniors last few dances approaching take a second to enjoy it.