Teachers Share Tips to Study Smarter


Charli Merrill, Staff Writer

The 2020-2021 school year has been a wild ride so far. With four shutdowns under our belt, It can be hard to try and stay on top of your work with everything else going on in the world. So, how can you heighten the probability of you keeping a passing grade if we go through another soft closure? Don’t worry, the FHS staff has your back. First off, we asked Mr. Halls, a history teacher here to share some wisdom on the topic. 

“The most important thing a student can do is establish a routine. Every day, look over your to-do list and make a plan for what you need to work on, and have a set time when you sit down and do homework,” Halls said. 

He also goes to explain how it can be very helpful to have a specific spot in your home where you study. 

Next, here are a few tips that are easy enough to implement in anyone’s busy schedule. The first advice is take it slowly, and don’t multitask. Trying to cram everything in all at once will only stress you out more. Try to eliminate things around you that could be pulling your attention elsewhere. Also, only start with 3 things on your agenda and move up from there when things start to get accomplished. Science teacher, Mrs. Shea also had some great advice for keeping organized!

“Personally I use a google calendar to stay organized. It gives me a month view so I can keep track of important due dates far in advance. You can also create a task list that appears on the right side of the screen. At the beginning of each day, I create a task list that I would like to complete,” Shea said. 

This can be so helpful because it is very easy to get disorganized and forget due dates. Using a calendar or a planner of some sort will make it so you never miss a deadline. 

Following that, consider working for thirty minutes, then giving yourself a small break before continuing on. This gives your brain the opportunity to relax itself for a short time. When doing your work, silence your phone or any distractions to give you optimal work time without getting side tracked. After your break, you’ll be ready to grind out the last few assignments on the list. 

On that note, I encourage everyone reading to try one of these studying hacks and see how well it works for you! Sometimes changing up your routine can be beneficial and help you do better for the long run!