Students Are Having a Hard Time Focusing


Lexi Day, Digital Media Editor

The end of the school year is just 3 days away, and students are rushing to finish everything before the 27th. Every year, it seems like it gets harder and harder to get everything done on time. It seems like we get more homework at the end of the year than we do at the beginning, but if you really look at it, it’s about the same amount or less. What actually changes is our motivation to do what we need to.

At the beginning of the school year, most students are super driven to work hard and get things done. But by the end of the year, their motivation is all but gone.

“Once the school year got closer to ending, I just wanted to finish everything. But at the same time, I had no drive to do any of the work,” junior, Hailey Wolf said.

In addition to the usual struggle to finish things, all the Covid craziness has added to the difficulty of doing schoolwork.

“I think at the beginning I kind of felt like I could use Covid as a crutch, and later on I realized that all that Covid was doing was forcing me to be more accountable, which helped me become more self-reliant with school, so overall it was more just keeping myself in check rather than procrastinating,” junior, Cole Parish said.

Finishing schoolwork is important, so how do we find our focus when it’s so hard? Here are some tips to help your brain finish and get things done.

  1. Keep a schedule. If you have a routine time to sit down and do homework, your brain will know that it’s time to focus and power through the work.
  2. Remove distractions. Phones can be super distracting and provide a quick and easy escape from homework. Put these sorts of things away during your allotted work time.
  3. Reward yourself! Give yourself a break after completing a task or working for a certain amount of time. If you know that you will get a break from your work, you’ll have an easier time getting it done.

The year is almost over, then we have the whole summer ahead of us. All we have to do is push through for a few more days. Just make sure to get all your work in and have a great summer!