Movie Review: The Giver


Jasmine Garcia, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

The Giver is a dystopian drama film written by Michael Mitnick Robert B. Weide. The Giver is a movie about these communities that have been changed to the way people believe the “perfect” world would be. Everything has changed. For example, they take pills and shots everyday that take away their ability to feel emotions and to feel pain. Another thing is how they are only allowed to stay out till a certain time, they cannot see color, say certain words or phrases. No one knows that they have changed anything about their world because all they have ever known was the world they are in now.

At certain ages, they receive special things. At age nine they receive a bike and when they are around 16, they graduate and are given a job that they must work on for the rest of their lives. The main character’s name is Jonas, and he has a little sister and a mom and dad. He is about to graduate and find a job with his two friends, Fiona and Asher. At the graduation ceremony, everyone received their jobs but Jonas. He was skipped, and at the end of the ceremony they apologized for skipping him and said that he was given an important job which is the receiver of memories. This job was important and what Jonas had to do was go to the giver and he would do lessons just sitting there. But these lessons included Jonas seeing, doing, hearing, and feeling things he had never experienced before. The giver would grab his wrists and transfer memories to Jonas as small as showing him what color is and as big as showing him an injured elephant. Jonas had seen color and he started to hear things like music and feel emotions like happiness and sadness.

Jonas never understood why they would take all this away from them, everything seemed happier when Jonas had started doing his lessons with the Giver. Until one day Jonas was going to the Giver’s house to do another lesson, but came across the Giver in one of the memories. Of course, Jonas tried to help him, but was accidently shown the memories and he was immediately traumatized from this because he was being shown war. Jonas had never seen this or thought of this because in their world, weapons were not a thing and physical touch out of their family units was forbidden. This made Jonas think he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing more memories.

Later, Jonas was inspired to change things for good. The only way to change the world was for a receiver of memories to cross the border, and crossing the border would release all the memories, all the emotions, everything.

“My favorite part was when Jonas realized the world would be better if everyone knew the truth and he made a huge plan to get to the border,” junior, Briauna Gardner, said.

 The best part of this movie was the suspense. All through the movie, you are constantly thinking about what will happen.

The Giver truly shows people what life would be like if everything were taken away and the world tried to become perfect.

Jonas had traveled so far and went through so much to cross the border and then when he had, he never knew if the memories had been given back to the communities.

“My favorite part of this movie is when Jonas crosses the border and they all begin to see everything that was once taken from them, they all seemed happy, but sad, because everyone in the communities just started to cry of joy,” junior, Paisley Leininger, said.

Eventually, Jonas does cross the border, but he doesn’t know if anything changed when he crossed the border. The communities get their memories back and they all easily seem so much happier. It’s sort of frustrating how the movie comes to an end, because it ended in the middle of everything. It’s left on cliffhangers but it’s also a nice way of being able to finish the story yourself.