School Mental Health Issues Absolutely Suck


Ty Miller, Student Life Reporter

Over the past couple of years, mental health issues have been on the rise for the students at FHS. Students have to learn how to take care of their mental health struggles and cope with the overwhelming anxiety of school. Some students on campus have expressed that school has the worst negative impact on their happiness.

“School has affected my mental health in many different ways… It has been a very difficult process that has drained me quite a bit. I think schools can decrease mental health problems by paying more attention to their students and giving us more breaks,” senior, Makayla Adolf, said.

Maykayla emphasized the importance of changes that the school needs to create. Ever since the terrible coronavirus broke through in early 2020, schoolwork has been especially challenging for students all across America. Students have learned to cope with going to school virtually as well as in person. 

“When COVID happened two years ago, it changed the way that I have worked at school. It has made me a big procrastinator and it is hard to even show up to any class without getting anxious. I hated when the school went virtual and in person, back and forth. It was a confusing time for me and my family,” junior, Hallie Wangemann, said.

Even though the district has tried their best to be a convenience to students over the past couple of years, students have been more depressed as a whole. We have had to adjust numerous times and change the way we work with our schoolwork. This problem raises the question: What do we need to change?