Barcelona’s Star Player


Travis Allred, Sports Reporter

Lionel Messi “The Goat” is one of the greatest attacking midfielder/forward player’s ever since he started to play for FC Barcelona. He started playing soccer for Barcelona at the age of 13 because his family relocated to Barcelona and the team recruited him and played for the under-14 youth team. After three years he graduated through almost all of the ranks until he went to a friendly game where everyone saw his talent and his skill. Messi grew up with a growth hormone disorder which shortened his growth a lot and fortunately he was able to be signed by a team named river plate and unfortunately they did not pay for his medical treatment.

“I think that he stayed too long at Barcelona but it was also a good starter for him,” sophomore, Carson Terry, said.

“It was a great place for him to grow and become the player he is now they didn’t waste his talent and helped him shape into the career he has today and should of never left,” junior, Boston Petersen, said. 

After Messi’s debut game against a Porto side he played his first game with Barcelona when he was 17 and played with them when Barcelona won the 2005-2006 Champions league against arsenal but he missed the final due to an injury but he secured a spot on the Barcelona team along with Ronaldinho and Eto’o. Messi one three more champions league for Barcelona losing and getting new teammates like: he lost Ronaldinho and got Iniesta and Xavi in 2009. Messi got his first ballon d’or in 2009 for the best soccer player and got five more in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2019. In 2012 he became Barcelona’s all time leading scorer at the age of 24 and then went on to score 672 more goals for Barcelona.