Where are you Springing to this Break?


Emma Kaholoaa, Student Life Reporter

This school year is flying by and spring break is just around the corner. In Utah, one of the most popular spring break locations is St. George. I asked Farmington students what their spring break plans are for 2023. 


Only about 28% said they are going to St. George this year for spring break. “I am going to St. George this year for spring break with my friends. I love going to St. George every year because a lot of people go and it can be super warm” Senior, Jade Burningham said. 


There are a ton of fun activities to do in St. George, you can go swimming, go hiking, see a play at Tuacahn, and so much more!


But, about 67% said they were going elsewhere this year, “I am going to Costa Rica this year. I usually leave Utah for spring break and go somewhere warm and with a beach but if I were to stay in Utah I would probably go to St. George. ” Senior, Adri Roberts said. 


 During my survey I found that some people weren’t going anywhere this year.


 “I’m not going anywhere for spring break this year. It’s honestly too expensive and a waste of money. I am going to take that time to rest and reset for the 4th term.” Senior, Grey Hansen said. 


According to my survey most Farmington students are not going to St. George this spring break. People are going to many different places all around the world. Where are you going?