Students Discuss Their Favorite Winter Sports


Joseph Griffin, Staff Writer

Utah is home to the greatest snow on earth. And Farmington high students love it! Despite the cold, our students are outside staying active as often as possible. And there’re so many options to choose from, skiing being the most popular choice. A lot of our students will buy a season pass to one of several ski bases in the area to maximize the amount of time they can get out on the slopes. One of our schools most avid skiers is Trenton Davis, but as every good skier knows, it’s not skiing if you never crash. 

“Always buckle your helmet kids,” senior, Trenton Davis said.

Trenton has experienced firsthand what can happen if you choose not to make a big deal about your helmet. One fateful day following his older brother down a run he’d never been on. This resulted in him accidentally going off a jump. And the next thing he knew he woke up, next to a tree with his helmet on the ground next to him and a bloody nose. He and his brother waited a few minutes for the ski patrol to get to them.

“Then I got to ride in a toboggan,” Davis said.

But skiing isn’t the only sport our students love during the winter. Lizzie Christensen can’t wait for a blizzard because snow means sledding.

“Sledding is pretty rad,” senior, Lizzie Christensen said.

One of our students is a competitive figure skater. She started around 2nd grade and has been in it ever since.  

“My friend gave me a pair of skates and I went home and begged my parents to get me lessons,” junior, Destry Mower, said.