Skiing vs. Snowboarding


Kimball Naccarato, Student Life Reporter

Fall is finally here! But winter is coming around the corner and with that comes snow and winter sports. People will head up the mountains to ski resorts like Snowbasin or Nordic Valley. But the question is, will they be taking snowboards or skis?

Yes, that’s right I’m bringing back the controversial question and more importantly, I’m getting answers from the students of Farmington High. Let’s see what the students’ opinions here feel like.

When asked which one is better, skiing or snowboarding, and why, we got some interesting comments to say the least.

“Snowboarding all the way, because it is dope, and you can flip and stuff. Plus, skiing has sticks that help you push so it takes more effort making it not as good, as when you’re snowboarding you just glide,” junior, Toby Tolentino said.

A lot of people bring up the sticks when it comes to the differences between skiing and snowboarding. As everyone knows, they come in handy when you reach those flat spots on the mountain. Skiers cruise on through while snowboarders have to do the awkward hop and scoot on the ground. That is one downside of being a snowboarder.

“Skiing is better because snowboarding requires more balance, and I don’t have that,” junior, Taylor Bird said.

There you have it. Part of the reason why people like skiing better is because it is easier to do. Less balance is needed, meaning it is easier to learn and do. However, this might differ based on who you are.

“Snowboarding is better because it’s easier to learn and it is way easier to go in powder with,” senior, Jake Anderson.

Depending on who you are, snowboarding might be easier, but for others skiing will be easier. The level of difficulty for either one has a big impact on whether people like it or not, or think that it is better than the other. However, no matter what winter sport you choose, we can all agree that they are both fun and exciting and are the perfect activity to do in the winter season.