To ACT or Not to ACT


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

If you didn’t already know, the ACT is a test that students take which will help them get into college and receive scholarships. This test is split up into four sections including English, reading, math, and science. Most students would agree with me when I say taking that test is quite possibly the worst four hours of your life. It may be beneficial for your future, but is it worth it to go through that agonizing pain to get there? The students at Farmington High School give their thoughts and advice on taking the ACT.

“It’s hard,” junior, Ryann Franich, said.

This agonizing material will test your mind to its limits–pushing you in ways you didn’t know possible. You go in with your calculator, a couple pencils, and a watch if you’re lucky, but come out a changed person. Although this test is extremely physically and mentally taxing, it must be worth it if they keep making us take it, so here are some tips from some experienced ACT veterans.

“Do your best and don’t sweat it after that because that’s all you can do. Oh, and get enough sleep haha,” senior, Paige Roberts, said.

One personal experience I have related to taking the ACT and sleeping is when my alarm didn’t go off that morning and I slept in. This forced me to panic awake about 7 minutes before I was supposed to be there. I jumped in the car (pulling my retainer out while stepping through the garage door) and made it just in time to check in. Although my hair wasn’t done and I was in my pajamas, at least I got to spend the next four hours of my day wracking my brain over tricky questions.

The best advice I could give to you is to bring a snack to eat on your break. You may have lost your appetite at that point, but it’ll give you a nice boost to finish out strong. Oh, and I almost forgot, once you get into college, you’ll probably forget the ACT even exists so try not to stress. Anyways, don’t forget to live, laugh, and love your way through the experience and you’ll be just fine.