WOO HOO! A Movie Review


Ethan Stanford, Entertainment Reporter

*This article will contain no spoilers*


On April 5, 2023, The Super Mario Bros. Movie hit theaters worldwide and cashed in more than $377m on its opening weekend.


 Now, I’ve criticized movies before here at Nix News and decided to keep doing it. So with that, I’ve recently watched this animated film and it certainly lives up to all the hype people have been discussing.


“I loved watching this movie and looking for easter eggs as it had me reminiscing about growing up and playing all the different video games,” senior Jaxson Jenkins, said. 


I grew up playing the Super Mario Bros video games constantly, which influenced how I felt about this movie coming out of the theater. But holy cow, this movie delivered for families as well as fans of the video games. Watching this movie was like getting permission from your parents to enjoy dessert before having dinner as a kid. It was an immaculate feeling that you totally wouldn’t expect to happen, but it happened, and it was so good. 


“It was honestly so fun! I had a blast watching this movie that reminded me of my childhood and the experiences I had with this franchise! I would definitely recommend this movie to absolutely anyone,” senior Taylor Bird, said. 


If I had to give a rating on this movie, I would personally have to give it a 9/10 on my personal scale of movie greatness. It was definitely a fantastic movie for long-time fans to enjoy, but also for younger kids to enjoy as well. I would completely recommend this very fun, sweet animated film to anyone who has spent time with the Super Mario Bros. franchise.