Pizza, an International beauty


Sapphira Smith, Entertainment Reporter

I have been all over the world and tried many different cuisines. Some, I have loved and wanted to go back to certain countries to have again. Others have left me seemingly dead for hours at a time simply because I passed away from disgust, (not actual death, metaphorical death of the stomach if you know what I mean.) One thing however that I have tried in multiple styles in various countries, is pizza. One thing that defines my taste, is pizza. I have a special place in my heart for this delicacy, and that is, my entire heart. 

As I was saying, eating pizza in other countries is a wild adventure every time, but never a bad one. In Spain, I had the opportunity to try a type of margherita pizza that had a sweet vinaigrette and lots of fresh basil. It was like eating a maple syrup flavored basil salad on bread, but somehow, it was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever tried. It could’ve also been that I hadn’t eaten anything else that day, but we don’t need to think about that.

My family is Italian, and I got the chance to go to Italy a while back and one of the main things I remember about being there, was the pizza. We went on our trip to northern Italy, and southern Italy is where you go for good food. So sadly, we didn’t have as many amazing Italian meals as we were hoping to have, but the few that were good, were really good. The place that had the best pizza was actually the cheapest place we went to, proving that it doesn’t need to be expensive to be good. 

The most interesting pizza we had at this place was the ‘camion della spazzatura’, which roughly translates to ‘dump truck’ in English. Every slice was just loaded with so many kinds of meat and vegetables and one of the best sauces I’ve ever tasted. In the middle of this pizza was a singular fried egg. Weirdly, that first bite with the egg, is one that I’ll never forget. I knew at that moment what falling in love was like. 

I’m not a huge America fan, but I will say that we do make good pizza. Chicago style pizza is a novelty that we don’t have a lot of in this state, but it is an amazing experience that everyone needs to have at one point in their life. It’s just an incredibly thick pizza that has a whole normal slice worth of pizza in two bites. 

Overall, pizza is amazing and I intend to marry it one day. I have an extensive taste, and I love many different kinds of food. But there is nothing tasty enough to beat out pizza as the number one best food in my heart.