Is Football Even the Best Part of the Super Bowl?


Emma Kaholoaa, Student Life Reporter

This past week the Chiefs fought hard and beat the Eagles 38-35 at the Super Bowl. But was the football game the only thing people were talking about?


Over the years, the Super Bowl has been a major event in the United States but the football game isn’t the only thing people care about. This year, Rihanna performed at the halftime show and performed amazingly! And many people called the Super Bowl the ‘Rihanna concert’. So what’s the main attention grabber of the Super Bowl?


I ran a survey and asked 90 people why they watch the Super Bowl. Only 37% said that they watch the Super Bowl to watch football. But isn’t the main event the football game? So, why else would they watch the game? Well, 57% said that they watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show. It was recorded that there were about 113 million people watching the Super Bowl but, there were 118.7 million viewers during the halftime show. 


So, what were the other reasons people watched the Super Bowl? From the survey I conducted, about .01% said they watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. And another .01% said they like the Super Bowl for the snacks and food people make. And about .04% said they didn’t even watch the Super Bowl. 


In the end, I believe it’s safe to assume that football is not the only reason why people watch the Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl should officially be renamed the “Rihanna Concert.”