To Pee, or Not To Pee?


Raegan Edelman, Wall Yeet Journal Section Editor

To pee or not to pee? That is the question…that we hope to answer in this article. From kindergarten to senior year, students have had to learn how to best manage their time. This includes the slightly uncomfortable question: when is it okay to leave class to go to the bathroom?

Teachers have different answers to the question. While some live by the phrase best stated by Doctor Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, “You gotta go when you gotta go,” others believe that there is a clear time and place. Several students and teachers were interviewed to find out the answer to the internal struggle… to pee, or not to pee?

So, when is it okay to go to bathroom during class? After asking a variety of students and teachers, the consensus was reached: take the social cues.

“If your teacher is standing up, saying important stuff, well, that’s not a good time,” an anonymous student said. Teachers agree with the statement.

“It’s not so much WHEN a student goes, as long as it’s one at a time,” physics teacher Mrs. Mcmurray said. Overall, teachers agreed that students just need to read the situation and figure it out.

To close, let’s answer a couple of your burning questions about school bathrooms:

  1. Why do girls travel in pods to go to the bathroom?

“We need to look at ourselves in the mirror to make sure we look cute. Also, we need to talk about important things like how mad we are at our teachers, boys, and sometimes we also go to the bathroom,” junior Emily Campbell said.

     2. Why DON’T boys travel in pods to go to the bathroom?

“I think because it’s an affront to their masculinity in some psychological

way, I’m not sure,” English/debate teacher Mrs. Exon said.

     3. When do teachers go to the bathroom?

“I don’t think that teacher’s really pee,” student Lucy Kennedy said.

Unsurprisingly,  this is not the case. Mrs. Exon solved the mystery by explaining, “We go in between class, like everyone should.”

Nice try, Lucy.