Raising Cane’s is Overrated


Caitlyn Gibbs, Entertainment reporter

Raising Canes is a popular restaurant amongst students at Farmington. Opening their doors in 1996, Canes quickly expanded across parts of the country. This chicken-based restaurant has gained an adoring fan base that gathers daily to get their hands on some tenders and specialty Cane’s sauce. Although Raising Cane’s is hyped up by many, I believe that is completely overrated.  

The first time that I went to Cane’s I was so excited, all my friends were telling me how amazing it was and how I’d never have better chicken. Imagine my surprise when I got there to a super crowded restaurant with literally five items on the menu. That’s right, five. If you get dragged to Cane’s one day by your friends and you don’t feel like having chicken, then too bad cause all five of the items on the menu are chicken.  

There is no variation in what is included in each meal besides the number of chicken strips you get, or if you want coleslaw or toast. No spicy variations or special holiday additions to the menu at all, just tried and true chicken strips and fries.  

Not only is there a super limited menu but they want you to pay $13 or more for some subpar chicken. It is arguable that without Cane’s sauce, the chicken is just regular dry chicken. It is borderline comparable to frozen chicken strips from the store. And even their crinkle cut fries can’t be saved with some fry seasoning and sauce, from being a bland entree to go along with an already bland meal.  

In my opinion I would just save the money, and the gas from the 30 minute drive down there, and just heat up some frozen chicken strips and fries at home for a fraction of the cost and the same quality.