Evil Entertainers


Bode Jensen, Entertainment

Entertainment is a marvelous component in our society, but many people we look to for entertainment may not be. We’ve all consumed media with ties to controversial or downright horrible figures, but should it still be celebrated?

The release of the new video game Hogwarts Legacy has Harry Potter fans excited, many people however are concerned over the games ties to the book’s controversial author J.K. Rowling. Rowling’s transphobic statements have had many up in arms over the last several years, yet content is still being made from her iconic works. This, however, is not an abnormality in the entertainment industry. Works from the likes of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstien, infamous anti-Semitic Kanye (Ye) West, and the notoriously racist producers of old Hollywood are still consumed and celebrated today.

“I think we have to be very cautious and mindful as to who we support and follow. People may find happiness in forms of entertainment unknowingly produced by controversial people. If it is something that you really love, I don’t think you should have to cut it out of your life just because of who created it, but at the same time, you shouldn’t encourage others to support things and accomplishments by that person that could lead them to praise that they may not deserve,” sophomore, Harlie Jensen, said when asked about celebrating entertainment with ties to controversial creators.

Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s production company Miramax has produced 97 movies, of which include classics such as Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Kill Bill vol 1&2. After the brothers left the company in 2005, they started the Weinstein Company. This production studio is responsible for 145 more movies including Django Unchained, Hoodwinked and a slew of other iconic films. Harvey Weinstein has made hundreds of millions of dollars from the movies his companies produced and is still makes millions from sales despite being in prison for his heinous sexual abuse and rape crimes.

Situations like this pose many to wonder if they should reconsider the entertainment they support. For all we know, whenever we buy a movie we could be directly funding the schemes of a monster. However, it is very difficult for us to remove classic and iconic pieces of entertainment from our lives. All in all it’s up to you to decide what you watch, read, or play as long as you consider who might be benefiting from it.