Snacky or Snacky?

Snacky or Snacky?

Kenna Liwanag, Student Life Reporter

Do you get hungry in class and just need something small before lunch?


 That is what our snack bar is for, not just the vending machines. The snack bar at Farmington High is located upstairs across from the library and open every period of the day, besides maps. There are so many different types of snacks you are able to purchase there for a very reasonable price. 


Farmington High students were asked some questions about the snack bar. 


“I usually go to the snack bar at least once a day and get a monster and chocolate muffin.” Junior Mason Smith, said. 


Monsters, Cup of Noodles and airheads are the most popular snacks for the most part because they are very convenient for students in a hurry. Not everyone goes to the snack bar but having it as an option at any time is very useful.


 “I go to the snack bar probably once every two months and I will usually just get an energy drink.” Senior Tyler Osborn, said.


The snack bar gets a lot of business and it gives the students working a taste of customer service. Anyone can be a part of the snack bar because many classes are involved in it. Some classes are Entrepreneurship, Retailing, Customer Services, and Business and Management Capstone. These all provide you with many different important life skills. “Working the snack bar can be fun because you get to talk to your friends that come to buy stuff.” Snack Bar Employee Ethan Rivera, said.


One thing the snack bar is really good at is promoting itself. They have an instagram page and a tik tok to spread the word about their new products, opening times changing, if it won’t be open at all, etc. Everyone needs to enjoy the snack bar at one point in High School. 


Follow their socials. Instagram: @fhs_snackbar TikTok: @fhs_snackbar