College Wrestlers vs Bear: Who Will Win?

College Wrestlers vs Bear: Who Will Win?

Mitch Nielsen, sports

In a bizarre and shocking incident, two college wrestlers in Pennsylvania made headlines when they took on a bear and managed to emerge victorious. 

The incident occurred when the wrestlers, identified as 21-year-old Dylan Daubert and 20-year-old Zachary Smith, were out for a jog in the woods near their campus. As they were running, they spotted a bear cub and its mother, who appeared to be agitated. 

Despite the danger, Daubert and Smith decided to confront the bears and protect themselves from harm. They used their wrestling skills to grapple with the bear cub and its mother, eventually managing to pin them down and force them to retreat. 

Their heroic act soon went viral on social media, with many people praising the wrestlers for their bravery and quick thinking. However, some wildlife experts criticized their actions, saying that confronting a bear is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by untrained individuals. 

The incident also sparked a debate about the safety of running and hiking in areas where bears are known to roam. While encounters with bears are rare, they can be deadly, and experts advise people to take precautions such as making noise and carrying bear spray. 

Despite the controversy, Daubert and Smith have become local heroes, with many people hailing their courage and determination. They have even been invited to appear on talk shows and news programs to discuss their experience. 

In a statement, the college where Daubert and Smith are students praised their bravery but also urged caution when dealing with wild animals. “We are proud of our students for their bravery and quick thinking in a dangerous situation,” the statement read. “However, we also want to remind everyone that wild animals should be respected and approached with caution.” 

In conclusion, the story of the college wrestlers who took on a bear is a remarkable tale of courage and bravery. While their actions have sparked controversy, there is no doubt that their quick thinking and wrestling skills saved them from harm. It serves as a reminder that we should always be prepared and cautious when venturing into the great outdoors.