Hollywood Glorifies Serial Killers

Hollywood Glorifies Serial Killers

Caitlyn Gibbs, Entertainment Reporter

Hollywood has been making a killing from TV shows and movies about serial killers. They continue to make a profit from these shows by casting attractive actors to play horrible people. Making these movies without regard to the pain that they are causing to the families of victims or the damage that they are causing to young viewers by glamorizing these killers. 


  Movies and TV shows about serial killers are not a new concept. Most recently, shows such as, “Charlie Says”, “My Friend Dahmer”, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile”, “You”, and “Dahmer”, have been released. All of which center on a character that is a serial killer and the crimes they commit. The sheer number of movies and TV shows on the subject has developed a twisted affection and interest in serial killers among viewers. 


Not only do these shows glorify the actions of serial killers, but it can also have a negative influence on their viewers. It is well known that the media can influence viewers, but the impact that violent shows have on their viewers takes it to a new level. 


“I love true crime shows, but sometimes they make me really paranoid. Like I get scared that someone is going to murder me.” said Senior, Megan Wood. 

  “The scenes of the violence being shown in the films and television these days have affected the minds of people. The rate of crime among youngsters has increased significantly”, stated Our Blog Education


These movies and shows also bring the killers back to the media and news, making it hard for the families of victims to move on. 


“We are tired of turning on the news and seeing his face,” Lisa Little, a childhood friend of Kimberly Leach, one of Ted Bundy’s victims.


By solely focusing on the serial killers and not the lives of the victims and their families that they affected, Hollywood will continue to send the wrong message to viewers glorifying violent crimes.