Farmington High’s Response to Covid


Noelle Wigren, Staff Writer

With the third term being halfway, and the year coming to a close for this school year, we have gone through a lot of different ways to be at school this year, especially with Covid-19. At the beginning of the year we were only coming two days a week and the school was split up into two groups. Then things changed in the second term when we went to four days a week at school with everyone. And it was hard cause we were constantly getting shut down and having to switch from going online to being in school back to online. And it took a toll on people, it was hard for some students here at Farmington or the best thing for others.

Being halfway through third term and we have not been shut down for three months now, it’s a record. But the thing that changed was that we are testing to stay. Our numbers of cases have been high and low, and every sports team has to test every two weeks if they want to continue to play on the team.

“I’m fine with testing every two weeks for sports, it keeps people happy but I don’t really care that much. But I am glad we went to four days with everyone, because even with Covid we can still see people and get a social life back,” Senior, Jaron Hales said.

It’s been a whole year since we have been here with Covid, and a whole year since quarantine started, and people couldn’t go visit their friends, or loved ones, or do the things that they would normally do. With students here at Farmington, it was hard because they went from having school, to not being at school. And school is not only a place to learn but students are also socializing. And when everyone had to stay home they weren’t able to socialize and stay in contact with other students. Again, it was a hard time for students but through the thick and thin the student body has grown closer, and have had to learn that things might change. Even though some might not be happy with it, Students have had to learn to go on from what is happening and make a new way of life. So, is there something the school should have done better?

“Overall it was pretty good. I think the contact tracing was really dumb at first but once you could test it was fine. I’m glad they do testing for sports too so that we can still play even if we shut down,” Senior, Riley Marriot said.

Being able to contract trace was one thing that people weren’t too happy about, especially students, because once they got traced to having been in contact with someone, that meant they had to quarantine for two weeks, and at first it was hard to go get tested if you had no symptoms but it is a learning process, and after a month they were able to get tested even without having any symptoms. But again, having to quarantine while the rest of the school was in session was hard on students. That meant they had to catch up on 2 weeks of not being at school. Most teachers were good with that. If they had a student who had to quarantine they would help them. And students are very thankful for that.

With this learning process of Covid-19 and having to figure out how we are going to keep kids in school, even when people are getting sick, and how to keep people safe. In the future we now have a baseline of what we have done and what we could improve on. Because with certain things there is always going to be backlash from kids and from adults. Now being in school for three months without being shut down, we can see a bright future ahead of us.