Help the Healthcare Worker Shortage


Charli Merrill, Student Life Reporter

In the wake of the pandemic, Many hospitals and care facilities are flooded with patients while only having few nurses and CNA’s to help treat them. 19% of hospitals are currently understaffed and that number is expected to go up during cold and flu season. The overall shortage of healthcare workers is expected to reach 1.1 million by the end of the year, according to the American Hospital Association. Nursing homes are also being affected by the CNA shortage. 

Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have over 100 residents to care for. Sometimes on understaffed days they can only have 2-3 CNA’s to cover the entire building. They are so understaffed that the few workers that are available can be incredibly stressed and overworked. 

“I have been a CNA for a year now and I love my job but recently it has been getting hard because we are so severely understaffed. When I have to work short staffed it’s hard to take care of all the residents. The shortage affects both employees and resident,” CNA, Emma Kaholoaa, said. 

You may be wondering, what can I do to help? FHS has a CNA class that makes it easy to get your CNA certification. With this, you can work in hospitals, assisted living facilities, home healthcare, etc. 

Many of these places pay well because they are so critically understaffed. It can also be a great experience and offers many learning moments and values you can take with you throughout the rest of your life. Though it may be tough at times, taking care of other people and making sure their needs are met can be very fulfilling. 

“The biggest thing is it’s not just a job, it’s actually taking care of people. That in itself can be very fulfilling. Many places also offer competitive pay and bonuses for picking up shifts,”assistant administrator, Andrea Manor, said. 

Legacy House is currently hiring for CNA’s. You can go in and pick up an application at 547 N Station Pkwy, Farmington.

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