Summertime Brings Concerts to Utah


Cali Layton, Staff Writer

Summer is just around the corner, and with the Covid 19 vaccine in better circulation, places are opening back up for the warmer seasons. One of the saddest parts of last year’s Corona summer was the cancelation and postponement of big music concerts.

Some big names in music were stopping in Salt Lake City as a part of their album tours in 2020. Artists like Post Malone, Justin Bieber, The Weekend and Dan+Shay all had plans to perform in Utah before the pandemic hit. What a huge bummer.

But despite all of the sad cancellations and annoying ticket refunds, this summer’s concert schedule is looking up.

If you watched early seasons of the Voice, then you know of Adam Levine. He is the lead singer in the band Maroon 5. The band rescheduled their concert date to July 23rd at the USANA Amphitheater. But they’re not the only boy band scheduled to take the stage at USANA this summer. The Backstreet Boys are booked for August 5th, and believe when I say, that I want it that way.

If you have major Bieber Fever like I do, then get ready for some good news. Justin Bieber rescheduled his world tour with his new album Intentions and he’s coming to perform at the Vivint Smart Home Arena on June 13th.

 If you loved the Super bowl halftime show this year then you might be interested in going to The Weekend’s rescheduled show! It is actually planned to be held in March of 2022.

Some artists have postponed their concerts indefinitely, therefore breaking our hearts indefinitely. Post Malone and Dan+Shay have yet to reschedule dates for their album tours. They might not ever happen, but we can always hope.

Whether or not you enjoy any of these artists or not, concerts are such a fun experience and can be such a memorable addition to your summer plans.

“I would very much enjoy going to a concert this summer because that would be so fun and relieving from all this past year’s stress!” senior Pearl Bodell said.

“I would love to see Maroon 5!” senior Courtney Hepworth said.

Get online and find out if your favorite artist is coming to Utah soon, and if they are, then get you and your concert buddy tickets and make this summer great!