Birdwatching Club Rises in Popularity


Livia Olson, Clubs Reporter

Birdwatching club is a fun club unique to Farmington High. With the bird refuge just down the street, birdwatching is easier than ever! Many students who are part of the ornithology class have joined the club and brought their friends with them. Members of the club gather every Wednesday to participate. Students meet at 8 am at the Farmington bird refuge. They watch for birds, record what they find, and share with each other! Students say it is a great start to their day and a good social place to meet friends!

“[Birdwatching] is very calming and it takes your mind off any other struggles you are having,” club president, Bella Hansen, says.

Along with all of the fun, you also learn a great deal about birds and their habitats. Ornithology teacher, Mr Blundell is the supervisor of the club. He helps students learn about each type of bird and helps students learn to identify these birds out in the wild. 

Long time member of the Bird watching club tells the benefits of joining the club.

“It’s a really great way to get outside in the morning and it is a great learning experience. It could spark some future interest, possibly careers or hobbies,” senior, Carter Hansen, says.

Birdwatching club is a great opportunity for those who are interested in nature, want to make friends or learn more about birds!